Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This one's for you Harry

I saw Harry Potter.  I don't know what to sad except that I am sad.  I cried, I know that's nerdy and lame, but I love love Harry Potter.  I grew up with it and always had the book the day it came out.  I always got the shaft and read it last, but I still followed along religiously.  I am sad it's over, but glad that J.K. Rowling made this series happened.  I have all the movies and books so of course I can still read and watch the movies, but it wont be the same.  And of course I still have my Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family.  I know it's lame, but I definitely learned things from this series.  Watching it and going along through the book you see the amazing friendship that the three characters have.  They stay close and intact through the whole thing and even through tough times.  Even though Harry risks his life every book to fight Voldemort, Ron and Hermione are always right by his said taking the same risks.  I love that, and know I have some wonderful friends that I can count on.  I love them to death and know we will be friends in our old age.

I absolutely love this photo.  This is one of the 2nd movies posters, and I love how young they look.  You see the movies now and they are so grown up and older, I love how the actors grew up on the set of these movies.

Lately I have been running a lot more than I usually do.  Like I will try to run everyday but I never do.  Something always comes up or I am always working.  But lately I have been pushing myself.  The other day I ran 7 miles and was so pumped and proud.  I have never just run 7 miles on my own.  I have done races, but never just gone out in my neighborhood and run that much.  It felt great!  Today though I was feeling pretty sore and tired from working out yesterday.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to go to the gym.  I was so tired and just lazy and did not feel like pushing myself at all.  I went though.  It only took me till 7 at night to go, but I went.  I only felt like running 3 miles because I wasn't feeling to hot, but I put mind over matter and told myself 4 miles.  I then got to 4 miles and go well why not just 1 more mile, so I ended at 5 miles, drenched in sweat, feeling great.
Something that keeps me to work out is the feeling I get after it.   I always feel so productive and feel like I can do so much after.  Like I could clean a whole house, although I wouldn't, because I have all this energy and just all in all feel great.

Just an update...11 days till I move in to my house!!!

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  1. awwww. i totally know what you mean about HP. i feel the exact same way. it really truly is the end of an era. weird.

    I am SO proud of your running sis. Just reading your blog or hearing about your latest run makes me absolutely beam with pride! you are amazing inside and dream have amazing potential!