Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm Back : )

I know I have been definitely neglecting my blog for quite sometime, so here I am back and in action.  Just because I have not been writing on my blog does not mean I have not stopped running.  I am still up and at it and feeling great.  I try and run everyday but it's really hard with my work schedule and some other great news!!!!

My two roomies and I finally found a house!!  We have had so much trouble and so many failed attempts, but this one finally worked out.  We signed the lease last week and move in in 2 weeks, August 1st.  I am so pumped.  We already have like everything picked out and all our furniture and decorations, we would move in tomorrow if we could.  When we move in, more pictures and details will come!

Here is the street view of our house.  It's really pretty and one of the best ones we looked at our of the 100's.  I guess good things do come to those who wait : )

I ran today and decided to do speed work, which my sister suggested when I was in Utah to help get faster.  I liked it a lot.  It was really hard but I stuck with it and want to continue to do it to get better and faster as a runner.  Lately I have been trying to run outside everyday, but Kentucky sure is hot.  It is usually 98 degrees, feels like 115 degrees, everyday with a ton of humidity.  I guess though not running those couple days was the much needed rest that my body needed.  I feel better, although today I was having knee problems.  Just some ice and a nice diet coke will make it feel better.

But what brought me back you ask, especially today?  Well I have been wanting to blog every night but my work schedule does not like me too.  I am always tired so when I want to blog, I go to sleep instead.  So today I go to the gym and come back home and check my email and have a great email awaiting me.  A fellow blogger nominated me for a blogger award.  It was one for new bloggers!  I felt awesome!  Even though I have not been keeping up with this blog as much as I want, I still got nominated.  I feel awesome and this email definitely made my day.  This email made me realize how much I miss the blogging world.


  1. awww! yay! so excited for you and your blogger award. good job on your running! i am so proud of you sis and can't wait to run with you when I get home. I want to see your training schedule!! you should post about that or send it to me...that way I can coordinate mine with yours and we can run together ALL the time when I am home! any plans for your first 26.2???? you know I gotta be there and running right along with you! love ya!

  2. Nice that you found a new place...

    And I am looking forward to your post about the award and the 7 random things you are going to share...