Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Run Sunday

First off I would like to say congratulations to the USA women's soccer team.  Even though we didn't win, they controlled the game and played their hardest.  I know it sucks to lose it when you are up like that, but you have to learn to just move on and know that you did your best.  They still have many more times.  I know I can relate to that, so many times when I have played soccer has my team controlled the whole game and let the other teams have near to zero shots, but just one of the shots go in.  I keep my head up and know that my team played the best we could and played to our abilities, that's something to be proud of.  I always like watching the world cup and olympics for soccer.  I used to, when I was younger, wanted to be on the national team.  How cool would that be to play soccer as a job!  I would love it.  Especially if someone made a sign for me that said Jennifer Hubbard for President like they did for Abby Wambach, ha.

Today I just felt like running.  I sometimes have those days, when no matter how far I run, it still seems so small to me.  I ran 4 miles, but I couldn't stop there.  Then I told myself I would run 2 more miles, but 6 miles just seemed insignificant to me, I had to do one more, 7 seemed like a pretty round number.  I felt great the last 3 miles.  I felt like I was flying even though I know if a car passed me they would be like whoa what a slow poke.  I kept going and pushed through it.  I had a weird night.  I drove around for awhile thinking that would help me think and get over things, but it didn't.  It was Sunday so of course no stores were open, so I decided to run.  Running is something for me that just helps me think and take out all my pent up anger or just help me calm down if I am all worked up.  I know I can turn to running whenever I have a bad day.  Running makes me happy, and I am glad that I found it and get to experience these amazing days like today.

What is running to you?




    Running makes me happy, too.

  2. So great that the run made you feel better, and how awesome that you just wanted to keep running. I love when that happens!

  3. LOVE YOUR BLOG. too cute. and such a freaking good post. i love it. running seriously just makes me feel alive. I LOVE that feeling you described. it feels so free and ALIVE to me :) love you sis.

  4. hey, Jenn, glad you are now following along at Eat Run Sail

    Hope you are having a fabulous Monday, too.!