Thursday, June 23, 2011

This One's for Julia

So supposedly I am slacking on my blogging according to someone, but I wont name any names.  I have been so busy busy lately.  Literally right when I get back from Utah I am right at it again.  I would think that I would get like a couple days to rest and relax from my vacation, but then I realized this is real life.  My boss called me less then 24 hours after I was back and had me scheduled basically every single day this week with 9 hour shifts each day, hmmm.  But the bright side, which I always like to look at, I will be making some bank.  So now I can support my shopping addiction.  I work at Macy's so if you are ever in the Louisville area, come and visit, I am 99.2 percent positive I will be there.

Yepp this is what one of the tornadoes looked like

JKKK - that would suck, they were pretty small, but I couldn't find a good picture of them, also I am just glad that no one was hurt in any of this.  Even though it was small, you never know what could happen.  I'm thankful my friends and family were okay and everyone else in my community.

Other than working non stop - so much excitement occurred last night!  Can you say tornado party!?  Jk - I was stuck at work for an extra 2 hours, and not only did 1 tornado touch down, but yes 5 tornado's, it was thrilling.  At least everyone is safe and there wasn't much damage except for Churchill Downs, but don't fret, night racing is still on for tomorrow, my life is complete, ha.

With running I am still staying on my schedule, or trying.  I am supposed to run 4 miles today, but I don't know if my legs will let me, it's going to be interesting.  I will attempt it, but I'm sure it is not going to be pretty.  Like my wise sister said; "why can't I run and sleep at the same time, I am so tire."  TRUE THAT HOMES!!!!  I wish things came that easy, but it's life and you have to strive and fight for what you want, and I want to become more in shape and PR on my next marathon, SOOO LEGGOO!  I'm pretty out of it right now, so I apologize if this blog post was a hassle to get through and or terrible.


  1. bahahaha. ummmm i loved this post. duh. you are naturally funny and awesome so of course it was perfect. i am so terrified of tornadoes and SO glad everyone was safe!! can't believe you are already working so much! so crazy! hope you can rest some this weeknd! love ya sis!

  2. Sleeping while running would be so wonderful! :) Glad nobody was hurt in those tornadoes.

  3. So glad nobody was hurt!! Sleeping and running would be the best.