Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day in Utah

Soo today just happens to be my last and final day in Utah.  It was a pretty chill day, just what I needed after a crazy weekend.  I'm sad to leave but will not forget the many memories and amazing experiences that took place here.  I love it here and would love to stay for another month, but Kentucky and the real world calls my name.  I miss my friends and family, so I will be really happy to see them.

Utah was so relaxing and something that I needed.  My life is pretty hectic, so taking these 2 weeks to just chill out and have fun was amazing.  I never get the chance to take a vacation, so I was pretty pumped when I got the chance.  Although I feel like I ran and hiked a lot during my stay, I could not have asked for anything better.  The chance to be out in the open air and be in this beautiful scenery was astounding.  This state and this time I have spent here will be forever with me.  Hopefully I will get the chance to visit again.  I have many memories that happened here and I would like to list all the great, amazing, funny, and emotional things that have happened!

  1. Walking for 3 hours the first day I got here just to get in the scenery and explore the city
  2. Running up the canyon with my sis
  3. Buying a plethora of new running gear
  5. Cafe rio - forever changed me
  6. The hot sauce store
  7. Utah Valley Half Marathon - my first!
  8. Tuscanos - to much food!
  9. Hiking to the hot springs
  10. Arches National Park
  11. Movies
  12. Cooking with Julia
  13. Eating soooo many pretzel m&m's
  14. Olympic Park
  15. Buying the new Nike running watch on a whim
  16. Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back
  17. The many friends I made here
  18. The great times I spent with my sister
  19. The time I got to spend with my brother and dad
  20. the memories I will never forget
  21. Ohhhh and did I mention Yogurtland!?
 The first run in Utah - up the Canyon
 YOGURTLAND - I'm obsessed
 The epic Hot Sauce Store
 Finishers of the Utah Valley Half and full Marathon!
 The Hot Springs
 Arches National Park
Finishers of Ragnar Wasatch Back!

I have so many memories and stories that I could share forever, but these are ones that stand out.  I had a blast and wouldn't trade these days for anything.  I love Utah and all it has to offer, and can't wait to visit again.


  1. awww!!! i love this! the perfect recap...and you already fit in perfectly by mentioning yogurtland twice. man i do hate this day though. i was dreading every second of dropping you off this morning. I hope you can come visit again soon. i already miss you tons and tons! love you!

  2. Sad you have to go home - Julia will miss you big time! Love the recap! :)

  3. I really need to get to Yogurtland ASAP! If it made your list twice for amazing things in Utah I consider it a must see, lol. Welcome to Bloggyland :)