Monday, June 27, 2011

A Beautiful Night

I have trouble keeping up with this thing, but I am motivated to keep this thing going and to update it more than I have been doing.  This blog helps me get my thoughts out and it somewhat helps me to keep running.

This weekend was crazy.  One of the best things I think Louisville has to offer happens during the summer, Downs after Dark.  I know I am lame.  It's night racing at Churchill Downs and they have dancing and just all around fun.  I love it because a great time to just cut loose and have fun with some friends and see some crazy things happen.  I love Churchill Downs and love that I get to live in Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, woo woo!

That's my cousin Brandy and me before we went in.  Some say were pretty crazy together and say we somehow always get in trouble, hmmmm

I also have been continuing to work at Macy's.  My feet kill after work and I think I have set the record for most blisters on someone's feet.  I have a total of 6.  Since I work like 9 hours a day I have been slacking on the running which sucks.  But today I was dedicated to get a run in.  I waited till it cooled off more and went for a run around the neighborhood.  I ran 4 miles and felt really good.  Like I have no clue what came over me, I like ran like a cheetah.  Mk maybe not that fast, but I just felt great and wish every run was like that.  Especially running on a beautiful night like this just feels amazing.  I think I have decided I like running more at night because it's so calming and I feel better and feel like I could run forever.  I like night's like these because it keeps me motivated to run because I want every run to feel like this.  I know I have bad days, but those bad days are worth days like tonight.

Also I should mention I finally checked out the local Fro-Yo in Louisville.  I have never been and there was one that just opened on Bardstown road so I decided to check it out with some friends.

This is me with my scrumptious yogurt.  I literally piled on the toppings and yogurt and ate it all!  It ended up being 7 dollars!  But here in KY it cost 49 cents an ounce, what a bummer

Although it wasn't better than Yogurtland in Utah, it was definitely still good and hit the spot.  I think I am obsessed and already planning another trip this week.  There is another yogurt place opening in a couple days or weeks and I will for sure be there opening day.


  1. What Is the name of the one on Bardstown Rd.? Where?

  2. Ouch! 6 blisters?? No bueno! I'm glad you had such good run. One good run definitely out ways the bad ones. I've never ran at night. Maybe I should try it sometime!

  3. yeah...what is the deal with the fro-yo being unaffordable in the ville?!?! like seriously. I can get 2.5 fro-yos for the price of one here. not fair on the blister count...i keep getting blisters in the same exact place so they just build on each other. so my one big one totals at least 6...haha!

    i am happy you had such a good run...the ones that remind us why we are out there running and loving it are always the best! have a good day!

  4. I'm definitely going to have try try out a fro-yo place. I love runs like that - it's a great boost!