Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Ole Kentucky Home

Today I finally came back to the great state of Kentucky.  It was a long, tiring trip back, but I was a lot more happier than I though I would to be back.  I was used to Utah's sun shiny weather, but of course when I return this is what I see

It was pouring.  Like horrible.  My friend picked me up from the airport and we were driving home and we could not see the road.  It was awful, not like the Utah weather I was used to at all.  Oh well I guess I need to get used to the unpredictability, since that's what Kentucky is all about.

It was great though to see some familiar faces, although it was quite weird.  Even though I was gone for only 2 weeks everyone seemed different.  My dogs were like huge sausages, although I don't think that's a difference, I think I am just used to Riley and her unnatural skinniness.

But after eating a meal and updating my mom, I decided I needed a run.  I was a little skeptical and nervous about doing this, because the last time I ran I tweaked my knee pretty bad.  I am on a new training schedule for the Half-marathon I am doing in November so today's workout was just a 3 mile run, not to bad.  I geared up and headed out.  It felt great!  It was perfect weather and not to humid like KY is known for.  My knee felt fine, except a little pain.  I ran my 3 miles at a great pace and felt amazing after.  I sweated sooo much though.  More extreme then in Utah.  

  This is just my front, my entire back is covered...ew

I am pretty tired and feel alright for being back in KY, but i know things will get back to normal in no time.  I have a busy week ahead so I know I will soon get back into the swing of my daily routine while continuing to work on my running schedule to kick butt on my next Half!


  1. Welcome back Jenn.I am so glad that you were able to visit your sister in the great state of Utah. I have become quite infatuated with Utah. The humidity is low and I find it so comfortable. I truly enjoy being out doors in Utah. Here it is so humid and most times it is not even worth going outside.I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there last week. The most enjoyable thing was watching you and Julia get along so well. It has been so long since we all could just hang out like a family and be happy. When Julia told us that she would be moving to Utah, I was very sad, thinking that we would never see her very often. But it turned out to be such a blessing. Julia loves it there and has been afforded the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree and at the same time enjoy all of the great outdoor activities and the mountains. The mountains are so beautiful...so different then what we are all used to. I so look forward to the trips that i have taken to see Julia. The time away from the grind of every day life here in Kentucky. I think Julia knows that these trips are special and she has gone out of her way to make them memorable experiences. She has often said that she wished you and your mother would visit. She was so excited to hear that you were finally coming. I was as well. I hope that you had a good time and that you can see, as Julia has, that there is a great and wonderful world out there and we only need to take a small risk to see how much fun life can be. You deserved the vacation as I know that you have been working very hard with school and everything. Just remember that your next trip is just a Southwest "wanna get away" air fare away. Good luck with your running. If you sign up for any other races let me know. I will be there with camera and a great big hug.

  2. well hello number one blogger....how are you already like the best blogger out there??? my first posts sound awkward...its like the new kid in class. but here you are just putting yourself out there and taking awesome pics to tell your story. I do not even think i had pics for my first 20 posts. hahaha! awesome job on your run. i just got DOMINATED by my run. like seriously CRUSHED to the ground. ummm seriously? my body actually felt awesome...my lungs on the other hand??? apparently they are paying my back for forcing you to run up the canyon that first day. haha! i already miss you like 4356345634563546 times more than anything! can't wait for you to come back and am so proud of how hard you are training for your half already! good for you! glad your knee is doing okay! love you sis!

  3. Oh the sweat and stank of the Midwest missed you girl. Wait is Kentucky technically considered the South, not the Midwest? Anyway... kudos for the adjustment run... glad your knee held up.

  4. Glad your knee is feeling better. Don't you love the feel of sweat!?! hahaha. Keep up the good work. You're awesome!

  5. So glad your knee is doing better - awesome job on your run!

  6. Good on you for jumping straight back into training for your next half! I kinda love it when I'm covered in sweat (Queensland is infamous for its humidity) it's like little tiny badges of honour and effort :)